B-Sensible products are developed to create a hygienic possible situation in your bed. Our products have a 100% natural material's surface lie (Tencel ®) and the special Dermofresh bottom prevents perspiration penetrates making the life of your mattress or pillow will rise by 30% and perspiration stains be prevented. Bacterial growth will at the use of B-Sensible to reduce 2000 times and House mites will die. B-Sensible products are allergy-allergic and carry the Ecarf (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) anti-allergy hallmark.

2 in 1 fitted sheet that protects your mattress.

A seamless and completely waterproof 2 in 1 fitted sheet that fully protects your mattress.
Extremely smooth and breathable thanks to its second skin membrane™.
100% Natural surface with unique benefitsthat fits perfectly to your mattress.

All advantages B-Sensible:
-100% natural (Tencel ®)
-Anti-allergy (ECARF)
-House dust mite free
-Temperature regulatory
-Skin regenerating
-Odorless (Smartcell ®)
-Fully breathable
-Suitable for sensitive skin
-Smooth as silk/strong as polyester
B-Sensible is suitable for everyone but especially for people with:
-house dust mite allergy
-cara patients
incontinence problems
-babies and children
-excessive perspiration
-sensitive skin
Or just for people who their (new) mattress or pillow to keep in mint condition

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